Stop struggling to track your business data
the HARD WAY with “Excel Spreadsheet”

Move your data away into a “Mobile-Friendly Web Application” that provides security, more control and improves data accessibility anytime, anywhere

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Many Small Businesses use Excel Spreadsheet to manage their business data,
and it does many things very well, particularly if you’re a one man band…

but as your business and customer base grows, Excel’s limitations start to emerge…


Relying on Excel Spreadsheet to carry out daily operations is not sustainable for a growing business. The time and effort required to maintain those documents is a bottleneck to work efficiency and productivity.


The level of security is relatively low and can be hacked fairly easily.

Easily Corrupted

It’s not uncommon to find errors in user-generated spreadsheets, even for the most experienced Excel user.

Here’s what’s wrong with this:

“Risky and Huge Time Consuming”
“More Time Spent on Non-revenue Generating Activity”

So What Exactly is Our Service Offering?

SaaS2u provides Free Services for Small Business Company to convert and migrate your business data from Excel Spreadsheets into Mobile-friendly Web Application

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Just "HOST" your software with us and let us manage the technical part for you so that you could have more time to spent on your business and focus on revenue generating activity

Why you should host your software with us and what are the benefits SaaS2u will bring you almost Instantly :

Free Setup Fees
Just pay per month with no ridiculous setup fees

No up-front IT and hardware investment at your premises
Your software will be in the cloud and can be access anywhere and anytime via internet

Data Secured
Your data will be hosted in reliable hosting company and backup everyday


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